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When we talked to our soon-to-be customers, a pattern emerged rather quickly: Any need for analytics was born from necessity.

of them took analytics as a mere cost position to optimize regular business. 
of the analysts we talked to had to do repeated manual tasks, orchestrating a bunch of tools that do not want to talk to one another, running around all over the place trying to collect the needed data. 
were dissatisfied with the quality of the final output, and with the overall speed of the analytics process.

Yes, we calculated those figures. It's what we do.

We decided it could be so much better. Removing the hassle and the tedium from the process made people to love their analytics.

of our new customers reported multiple improvements.
started thinking outside the box and discovered new use cases and hidden opportunities.
happily reported a great return on investment.
even succeeded in reselling analytics services to their own customers.


What you need is a one-stop-shop technology that can do it all:

the data from all the various sources,
it into exactly the required structure,
the results and
them wherever they benefit your business

What you need is VORTEX.

Unmatched Flexibility

Connect any data source, do any transformation and processing, connect any tool, all with minimal effort.

Automated Workflow

No more manual tasks: You can just configure analytics workflows, and let VORTEX do the rest.

Simple, yet powerful

No need to familiarize yourself with the unknown, as all you need to know is industry standard SQL.

Full Circle

Analytics can be more than just dashboards: Integrate insights gained through VORTEX to provide input for algorithms in your software.

Retrospective Analytics

Start with what you need, then grow over time, change the analytics workflows at any time, and apply them to data collected years ago.

Data Warehousing

Collected data is kept independently from analytics results, so over time, VORTEX grows into your very own Data Warehouse!

You do You

Let VORTEX automate the tedious data processing tasks, but keep using Tools you know and love, such as Tableau or Excel.

Infinite Scalability

Using proven Big Data technologies like Apache Cassandra and Presto, VORTEX handles anything from Kilobytes to Terabytes.


Use VORTEX as a money maker by offering analytics services to your customers as well as using it to boost your own business.



A REST interface with minimal restrictions: Connect all data sources easily, from mobile apps and web sites to application servers.

Data is created everywhere, so it is quite important to keep the hassle of integrating various data sources to a minimum.

All that VORTEX requires you to tell it is what happened, when did it happen, and what else there is to know about it (user accounts, ad campaigns, prices and so on).

These so called events are simple JSON objects consisting of a name, a timestamp, and a freely definable set of attributes. This means that any information can be turned into an event, which enables VORTEX to transform and process it into the results you need.


Define your analytics workflow, then lean back: Tell VORTEX in SQL how to process your data, and let it manage the rest.

Now that you have data integrated, you can tell VORTEX with the full power of Presto – one of the leading SQL based big data processing pipelines – how to turn this data into the information you require.

The SQL you write is as simple or as complex as your use case. Start with your immediate analytics needs, and expand the possibilities over time: The original data is kept, so you can change your analytics workflow at any time.
You can come up with a new question now, and get the answer not only for today, but also for half a year ago.

Let VORTEX grow into your very own Data Warehouse, where you have years worth of data to come up with new patterns, insights and predictions!


More than just charts and dashboards: Use data coming from VORTEX anywhere, in any form.

Following the mantra of flexibility, VORTEX enables you to freely define visualizations and dashboards based on the results of your data processing rules.
But if you already have existing visualization and BI solutions in place, why not simply empower them to make use of the data provided by VORTEX?

You can export data as an Excel Sheet, so you can quickly and easily do your own freeform analytics. VORTEX can also publish its results to a relational database of your choice.
This makes it especially easy to enable your BI tool of choice, such as Tableau, JasperSoft, Qlik or Looker, to make use of this data.

But why stop there? The data can also be queried in JSON format via a REST call. By integrating analytics into your business processes, you can finally go full circle:
User actions get processed, analysed and the results are immediately used to improve the user experience, leading to high customer satisfaction and therefore, high customer retention.


Cloud, Private Cloud, On Premise: VORTEX runs anywhere, fulfilling all your requirements for performance, security and governance.

VORTEX has full support for multitenancy, fulfilling the highest requirements in regards to security and compliance. Therefore, it fits perfectly into all possible scenarios.
All you want to do is proper, easy-to-use analytics on your own data? Just sign up for your own tenant in our Cloud environment and leave all the operations work to us.
Thinking bigger? You can have a completely separate, multitenancy enabled environment in the cloud. We run your very own VORTEX for you, which can be scaled independently according to your needs. You can also re-sell services powered by VORTEX to your customers.
It is important to you to keep your data fully under your control? If you need even higher standards of security, compliance and performance, you can also run VORTEX in your own data center, enabling you to fulfill all your operative needs yourself.
In any case, you will retain full ownership of your data. And in any case, we will always do our very best to support you every step of the way.

Success Stories:

Game Studio.

In a medium-size game development studio, the analyst was already pretty happy. Using VORTEX, he managed to create a comprehensive funnel analysis:

From the ad campaign banners, through the game server, up to the ingame shop, he could determine exactly how much profit each ad campaign generated. This made it easy to identify the ones just costing money, and to get rid of them.

He then proceeded to find out that some features of their game were rarely used by their players. He was about to walk over to the developers and proudly tell them to get rid of these supposedly useless features, when he remembered something.
He checked how much revenue the players that actually did use these features generated. He was shocked: They were among the biggest spenders in the entire player base!
Had those features been removed, the studio would have risked losing some of their most profitable customers.

Good thing VORTEX made it so easy for him to determine this hidden fact.

Online Shop.

The owner of a small one-woman online shop improved her business workflow, efficiency and even her revenue without having any analytical knowledge.

Using VORTEX, she connected the data from her online shop system directly to the inventory control. She used analytic feedback to automatically increase or decrease order sizes.
Due to the direct integration between the standalone systems, this could be done with zero manual effort.

Getting curious on the possibilities of further analysis of the existing data, she discovered some hidden champions in her article portfolio.
Some products didn’t generate much revenue on their own, but they pulled lots of visitors to her shop, which then proceeded to buy other, more profitable items.

VORTEX never required her to fully grasp the fine details of analytics, but still managed to make her happy by improving things considerably around her shop.

Engine Developer.

The expectations towards modern game engines are much bigger than they used to be. It is no longer just about fancy graphics and an easy-to-use editor.

Instead, an entire ecosystem around the engine is expected: Asset stores, market places, and an active community. Game developers want to get everything they need from a single source. 

So a successful development studio of a commercial game engine faced new challenges.
With a company full of graphics experts, it now needed to tackle platform development, content distribution and analytics. The boss of the company quickly realized that without any prior knowledge on the subject, developing an analytics solution of their own would never achieve satisfactory results.

So he decided to bring VORTEX on board, white-labeled as their own analytics solution. It allowed a company otherwise completely foreign to the subject of analytics to quickly empower their customers to fulfill their own analytical needs. The platform turned out to be a success, developers loved the easy access to an otherwise complex topic.

VORTEX turned out to bring additional profit to the company within months.

Hotel Software.

The software landscape in modern hotel chains is unbelievably complex. There are different systems involved in each step of the guest journey. Integrating all these systems towards one another is just as difficult and time consuming as it sounds.

Moreover, when you want to have comprehensive analytics over the entire system landscape, you are facing the integration of dozens of different systems.
They all come with their own interfaces and their own data models.

One of the world’s leading developers in hospitality software brought in VORTEX to tackle the problem of not only consuming data from various different sources, but then also to fulfill the various needs of different people in the hotel chain.

The front desk clerk cannot remember hundreds of faces each day. He relies on the computer in front of him to show him all the relevant guest information just in time.
The manager requires daily reports to see if his house is still on track to meet the financial goals of the quarter. The central reservation office in the chain headquarters needs to track occupancies and marketing performance.

Each of these bring their own requirements towards data structures and tools to work with.

VORTEX succeeded in fulfilling all of them.


  • One tenant in a shared enviroment
  • Managed by us
  • On demand or reserved
  • Targeted at self-service analytics
  • Support via Email during Office Hours included
  • Priced per events sent, number of analyses, number of dashboards
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  • Complete environment with control over multitenancy
  • Managed by us or self managed
  • Private cloud or on premise
  • Targeted at large customers, special requirements or reselling
  • Various support levels
  • Priced per cluster size

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